Room 1



Welcome to 2017



Dear Parents and Caregivers, 


Kia ora, and welcome to 2017. I am very excited to be teaching in Room 1 this year and I look forward to getting to know your children better throughout the year.


The Room 1 class are the leaders of Mayfield School and we expect them to be role models for the rest of the school, with the ability to manage themselves and their belongings, and use their initiative in the playground. 




The notebook is for home-school communication and they are where you will find any class notices. Please write any important messages in these.  In these notebooks, your child will also write down the names of any school journals they are taking home to read.




Library Books

We will visit the library on a regular basis. Your child can borrow two books which must be returned after two weeks. Any books that do not get returned will be charged for, for their replacement.


For those of you who are new to Mayfield School, we have recently begun our digital learning journey with Office365. Your child each has their own account which gives them access to an online portal with Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, OneNote and more. They also have the ability to download these for free on up to five devices at home. I am very excited to be able to explore our digital learning options in Room 1, which will be based in our Class Notebook in OneNote. Your child will be able to access this Class Notebook from home via the internet, and share their learning with you or finish off incomplete work. Their username and password will be found in their notebooks.

It is important for your children to become proficient in the use of digital technology as this years’ Year 8s are expected to be the first year group to complete their NCEA exams online in 2020.



Reading: at least 10 minutes each night is encouraged. This is your child’s choice of book – either novels, library books, school journals or books you have at home. Your children need to choose books they are interested in to read for enjoyment and develop a love for reading. 

Mathematics: - your child’s username and password will be in their notebooks. They can play as much as they want – the website chooses questions based on their ability. On occasion, there may be simple maths games taught at school that your children will be asked to teach you at home.

Spelling: Your child will begin to get weekly spelling words and chart words every Monday which will be tested on Fridays. They may wish to practise these at home.

On occasion, there may be an extra homework task that needs to be completed at home.



Year 7&8 travel to Ashburton for manual / technology lessons every fortnight. 


Kind regards, 


Kirsten Steel