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Welcome to Term 2



Dear Parents and Caregivers, 



Kia ora and welcome to Term 2.


It has been a busy start to the term with a week of swimming lessons. It was great to see students making progress and maintaining positive attitudes about swimming. We are looking forward to the days becoming more “normal” next week! It has been very difficult to squeeze our day into one that finishes at 11.40am..


Most mornings in Room One begin with ‘tahi te wā’ which means ‘together time’. During this time, we either discuss current events, news articles, share our different opinions of various topics (for example, yesterday we discussed the topic swimming lessons should be mandatory, agree or disagree?) or anything important that is happening in your children’s lives. I thoroughly enjoy this part of the day - I get to know everyone a little bit better and the children get to share their opinions or practise their oral language skills.


Only a few families have connected to their child’s 2018 SeeSaw account. It is a great way for children to share their learning with you, or for me to post messages directly to your phone. It is also a good starter to have conversations with your child about the work they have been doing at school. My goal is to have your child send at least one piece of work they have done each week.


This term…

Our school wide topic focus is Our Place, Our Space. Room One are exploring the role science plays in the sheep and beef cattle farming industry. We will be visiting a local sheep and beef farm on the 13th June, funded by New Zealand Young Farmers.


We will be working on our drawing and sketching skills this term by doing a variety of activities that involve still-life drawing and learning different shading techniques.


Last term we had a discussion about what language the class would like to learn this term and there were so many different opinions that I have decided to trial the use of Duolingo – a language learning website, which means that each student will be able to learn a language of their choice. Languages will be on Monday mornings.


Cross country is coming up on the 24th May at Mt Somers Station. I would encourage your children to do some training at home. Parents will be expected to assist with transport.


Year 7 and 8 Technology is every Friday once again. If any Year 7 and 8s would like to order Fish n Chips, their Fish n Chip day is Thursday.


Room One and Two students will be selling sausages every Wednesday to fundraise for the end-of-year camps. Sausages will be $2 each.




Reading: I expect Room One students to be reading every night. This is a book of their choice for at least 15 minutes.


Mathematics: Engage in discussions about the maths used during everyday activities – you may be surprised about the strategies your child uses to solve them. Shopping and baking are excellent examples of potential maths conversations. There are a range of maths websites your child can go on at home.,  (class code 834467), or


Spelling: Spelling words are tested every fortnight. Your child should be bringing words home in their notebooks.


Science Badges: If you would like some extra activities to be completed at home, your child can choose from a huge range of science activities which can earn them a badge. The activities and badges will need to be pre-ordered at a cost of $6 each.


On occasion, there may be an extra homework task that needs to be completed at home.


Writing Competitions


There are a few writing competitions for Year 7&8 students this term. The Elsie Locke Writing prize can earn a student $250 along with the story published in a School Journal (due 13th July), and the NZ Poetry Society has a few poetry competition categories with cash prizes too (due 31st May). These will need to be completed at home, but I can also give students time to work on them in class too. I will send information home with those who are interested.


Important Dates


Year 7 and 8 Technology – every Friday

Tues 22nd May – Teacher only afternoon

Thurs 24th May – Cross Country

Tues 29th May – Milo begins

Mon 4th June – Queens Birthday

Wednesday 13th June – Farm visit

Thurs 5th July – Sharing assembly



Please contact me if you have any questions.


Kirsten Steel