Room 2


We are very lucky as we have a low teacher to student ratio in the class which means I have more time to spend with individual students lifting achievement​. The classroom is well equipped for e-learing and with a supportive community we are in an excellent position to deliver a meaningful curriculum.


Welcome to Term 4





Our topic for the term is Change. We will be looking at different aspects of change and will explore this as a class. Our inquiry will stem from this, as we look at how the purpose of something can be changed and used differently.




We will have another swim week this term in week 5. It is important that all students come to school with swimming gear so that they do not miss out on this valuable time with a swimming instructor. This will be a short week as we have a teacher only day on Thursday 16th November.


Mayfield Market


The whole class will be involved in making some Christmas decorations for the Mayfield Market. These will be small decorations mostly made out of repurposed materials, linking with our theme of ‘change’.




As this is a busy term there will be no set work sent home. With this in mind, it is still expected that students will continue to read each night. Below are some suggestions for things that your child might spend time on at home.

Reading: Students have been told about the Hell Pizza Reading Challenge. This is a challenge that allows students to read as many books as they can and then receive a stamped voucher that entitles them to a free pizza. This is a great opportunity for students to think about reading more independently if they are not already doing so.

Study Ladder: There are a range of activities for all subject areas on study ladder for students to work through. All students have got study ladder accounts, their logins are in notebooks or there is a copy pinned to the classroom wall.




As you may already know, our Room Two camp will be at Mt Hutt Retreat this year. We are excited about going on camp and I am looking forward to helping students take on new challenges and engage in activities that they may not take part in normally. The dates for the camp are Wednesday 6th – Friday 8th December. A detailed notice and consent form will go out when the cost of camp is confirmed.



Important Dates


Monday 13th – Wednesday 15th November – Swimming

Wednesday 6th – Friday 8th December – Room Two Camp

Sunday 10th December – Mayfield Market

Thursday 14th December – Prizegiving at 1pm

Friday 15th December – Last day of term



Please let me know if there is anything that you would like to discuss with me.


Kate Bell