Room 2


We are very lucky as we have a low teacher to student ratio in the class which means I have more time to spend with individual students lifting achievement​. The classroom is well equipped for e-learing and with a supportive community we are in an excellent position to deliver a meaningful curriculum.


Welcome to Term One 2018


It is wonderful to have so many new students in Room Two this year and I am thoroughly enjoying getting to know each and every one of them. This is just a little bit about what you can expect for the term ahead in Room Two.





Our topic for this term is People. Throughout the term we will look into various aspects of this topic, including different cultures that people have. This topic will have a Social Sciences focus but will not be limited to this learning area and will be woven through The Arts, English and Mathematics.



Reading books will be sent home with students after they have been read in a group guided lesson. It is expected that these books will be written into notebooks and then re-read at home. It is important that students then bring these books back into school after they have been read at home.


Notebooks and Reading Folders

Each student has been given a notebook. These notebooks need to come to school each day. There is a box in the classroom for them to be put in at the start of the day. Reading folders are a good way to ensure that all important notices, reading material or other information is kept safe until it reaches you at home, so it is important that these are brought to school each day as well.


Art Shirts

Each student needs to have an art shirt that will be kept in the classroom to go over the top of their school uniform. Those students who were in Room Two last year may already have a shirt in the cupboard. Any old shirt is fine as long as it protects their uniform from paint and other messy incidents.



With our school swimming sports on Wednesday 7th February we have been taking advantage of the fantastic weather that we have been experiencing and getting in as much practice as possible for this event. After the school swimming sports we will have the Southern Zone Swimming sports on Tuesday 13th February.   I would ask that swimming gear is still sent to school with your children as we will continue to make use of the community pool as long as the weather allows. 



Class Websites

This year we will continue to use Seesaw, look out for information on this coming home with your child over the next few days, including a code for you to link up to your child’s account from home. Other websites will include StudyLadder, which is a site that has activities from all learning areas for your child to complete, Prodigy maths, and Storybird. Login details for these websites will be stuck into your child’s notebook.



This term there will be no set homework in Room Two. This is something that I will discuss at the ‘Meet the Teacher’ evening on the 12th February. With this in mind, it is still expected that students will continue to read each night at home. There are some other options that they might like to take part in.


Reading: As I mentioned before, students will be sent home with school journals once they have been read in class. On an evening when they do not have set reading sent home, it is expected that they are reading something that they have chosen for themselves from the school library or something that they have at home to read for pleasure. All students are given the opportunity to issue books from the school library when we visit as a class each week.


Science Awards: This is an option for home learning activities. I have got examples of the challenges and the different badges that could be awarded if students would like to have a look at them. This is the website to give you some more information . Please let me know if you would like to sign your child up. Students in Room Two would probably be starting out on the ‘Science Activity Challenges’ or ‘Explorer Badges’.


Study Ladder: There are a range of activities for all subject areas on study ladder for students to work through. All students will be set up with accounts.


Important Dates


Wednesday 7th February – School Swimming Sports

Monday 12th February – Meet the Teacher

Tuesday 13th February – Southern Zone Swimming Sports

Wednesday 21st February – School Triathlon

Monday 12th March – Goal Setting Interviews

Friday 13th April – Last day of term



Please let me know if there is anything that you would like to discuss with me. I look forward to meeting you at the ‘Meet the Teacher’ evening on Monday 12th February.


Kate Bell