Room 2


We are very lucky as we have a low teacher to student ratio in the class which means I have more time to spend with individual students lifting achievement​. The classroom is well equipped for e-learing and with a supportive community we are in an excellent position to deliver a meaningful curriculum.


Welcome to Term Two 2018



Room 2 have had a busy start to the term, and it is hard to believe that it is already week 3! It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know such a wonderful class of students and I am enjoying learning about all the special talents and hobbies they all have. A big thank you to all the parents who have come in to say hello and share information with me about their child. It has been lovely to meet you all and I appreciate you taking the time to call in.


Last week was swimming week and it was great to see the fantastic progress that the children made over their five days of lessons. They behaved to a very high standard throughout the week and were wonderful ambassadors for Mayfield School. I received lots of positive comments and they can be very proud of themselves.


Room 2 have been training hard for cross country since the beginning of the term with the children recording the number of laps and cones which they have run each day. They have been excited to see the progress they are making with their fitness and are looking forward to competing next week. Year 5 will race at Mt Somers Station on Thursday May 24, while Year 4 will take part in the school competition on Friday May 25.


This term our inquiry topic is ‘Our Place in the Universe’. We will be looking at all things to do with space including researching the planets, sun and moon, and learning about life on the international space station. We have a large number of questions and wonderings up on our classroom wall which we hope to answer, including what makes the moon glow, why the sky is blue, how the planets stay in space, how the Earth moves, what a black hole is, and where the stars go in the daytime. We have a large number of books on our topic from the Ashburton Library which we have been reading and already we have learnt many fascinating space facts. 


Throughout the term we will also be taking part in a range of team challenges involving problem solving using science and technology. Called STEM challenges, these are fun projects that foster both creative thinking and good teamwork, while also providing opportunities for students to step up as team leaders.


We are looking forward to a fun and exciting term of learning in Room 2! Please do not hesitate to contact me through the school office if you have any questions or would like to drop in for a chat. 


Kind regards,

Donna Reader.