Room 4


Years 2 and 3 


Welcome to Term 1, 2018


Dear Parents/Caregivers, 


As you know I married my partner Aurelien during the break. I have changed my last name to Mrs Veaux, said phonetically – v - o . It is a very exciting time for us. We will be heading away on our honeymoon during the Easter period. This means I will be away for the last two weeks of this term. To cover my leave Richard and Anne Leslie will be teaching Room Four.


Reading Folders and notices

Your child’s notices will be put inside their reading folder. Please help your child be organised by making sure they have their reading folders in their bags in the morning with their reading book and notebook.



We will be continuing to work through the Word Lab spelling programme in class. They will be learning their spelling words in class. You are welcome to request that these words come home as well.


Art shirts

Please ensure your child has an art shirt at school for them to wear during art activities.  


Library Time

Room Four will visit the library every Tuesdays. Could you please remind your children to bring their school library books to school on this day.



We will continue to use the app Seesaw to share our learning with you this year. You should have received your log in page. Let me know if you did not.   


Literacy Time

During guided reading time the children will be participating in action stations. I have attached an information sheet which explains what they are and the purpose of them.


Science badges

This year children of Mayfield School, Years Three and up are going to have the opportunity to work towards science badges as an out of school learning opportunity. On the website there is more information available. If you interested in child participating please let me know and I will forward you more information.


Topics for the term:



Our topic this term is People.  This will be made of several mini units. We will be exploring the diverse cultures that are in our community and why their cultural practices are significant to them.


Fire Safety

The class will be completing the Get Firewise fire-safety programme at school. The children will learn some fire-safe behaviours and practice what to do if there is a fire in a building they are in. Your child will bring home a Get Firewise  Family Book/DVD. Read the story with your child, watch the DVD and involve all your family in making your home fire safe.



The children are learning to recognise their own emotions using our class emotions thermometer and learn ways to manage these emotions.


Treaty of Waitangi

The children will learn what the Treaty of Waitangi is, why it was signed and sign our own class treaty.


Other curriculum Areas



The children will learning to swimming following the Kiwi Swimsafe Programme. Could you please make sure your child has their swimming togs and towel at school.



This term Vicky will teaching striking and fielding games.



We have started our strand topic which should run for a week and half. We are looking at Statistics. There will be a range of learning experiences offered to cater for different learning needs. The children will be making pictographs, bar graphs, collecting data using tally charts and anaylsing the results they find.

Then we will focus on numbers


Please me know if you have any concerns or problems regarding your child. Please feel free to come see me before or after school. You could also reach me on my email:




Best regards,


Anna Veaux