Room 4


Years 2 and 3 


Welcome to Term 2, 2018




Dear Parents/Caregivers,


Term Two is here and we have gone straight back into the learning in Room Four. During the holidays Aurelien and I went overseas for our honeymoon. We spent time in his home village Pontarlier as well as time in Tuscany, Paris and Hong Kong. I have come back realising (again) that we are very lucky to live in our quiet corner of the world!

Here are some bits and pieces for the term ahead.


Reading Folders and notices

Please keep up the great work on the reading book/notebook front. When your child doesn’t have their notebook/reading folder here at school it has a big impact on their day.



To cater for the wide range of spellers in Room Four we are now running two spelling programmes. One focus is on phonics using the Yolanda Soryl programme. The other is at a higher level of Word Lab.


Art shirts

Please ensure your child has an art shirt at school for them to wear during art activities.  


Library Time

Room Four will visit the library once a week. Could you please remind your children to bring their school library books to school once they are finished with them at home.



We will continue to use the app ‘Seesaw’ to share our learning with you this term.   


Literacy Time

After a big success last term with action stations they will be continuing to run this term during guided reading time. During these stations the children develop skills to manage their learning as well as develop strategies to work positively with others on tasks. The children have been identifying areas of interest they would like to work on during this time as well as reflect on their learning at the end of each session.



Topics for the term


Social Studies/Science


Last term the children were showing a real interest in transport so we have decided to investigate it further. Together, with the children, we wrote a list of what we would like to know about in the area of transport. We have even begun to find out about how how transport has changed. The children have also said they would like to know more about the different types of transport, which we will investigate further. 



We will continue to have Warren Bruce, a science expert from the University of Canterbury, in Room Four running science experiments, which we focus on for the following weeks.


Other curriculum Areas



Swim week this week! I am sure the children will continue to make great gains and we will all be very tired at the end of it!



This term Vicky will focusing on lifting fitness for the upcoming cross country.


Science Badges

Keep working on those science badges and email anything your child would like shared to the class or printed.


I have a new email address –

This continues to be the best way to contact me as I regularly check it.


Best regards,


Anna Veaux