Room 4 Information


Years 2 and 3 


Welcome to 2017


Dear Parents/Caregivers, 


I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I am Miss Anna Bunting and I will be the teacher of Room 4 this year. I am looking forward to getting to know you and the children of Room 4. I will regularly keep in contact with you through your child’s notebook which they will bring home each night and the app Seesaw.



With a busy term, there maybe days where we don’t have specific guided reading lessons. On these days the children will bring home a browsing book. At this age the children should be reading for at least ten minutes a night. Please sign or tick when you have read their book and feel free to write me notes to let me know how the book went. If their book has not been recorded for the day, could you please write it in for them. 


Reading Folders and notices

Your child’s notices will be put inside their reading folder. Please help your child be organised by making sure they have their reading folders in their bags in the morning with their reading book, notebook and bookmark. 



Each night for homework your child should read their reading book and practice their spelling words. 



We will be continuing to work through the ‘Word Lab’ spelling programme in class. They will be learning their spelling words in class. You are welcome to request that these words come home as well. 


Art shirts

Art lessons can get a bit messy and accidents happen. To help keep paint/dye off uniforms children need a named art shirt at school.  This can just be an old shirt or anything else to protect their clothes. 




Swimming is an important part of child’s education. New Zealand has a high number of drownings each year. Swimming education is designed to develop children’s confidence in the water. Room Four is lucky enough to be able to go swimming every day (weather depending!) Please could you ensure that your child brings a towel and togs everyday to school. If they are unable to swim please send a note to school with them. 


 My email address is if you have any questions.